WELMO sensor vest

The goal of WELMO is to provide the first wearable solution for continuous, efficient and accurate lung monitoring.
WELMO will produce the first wearable Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) solution, simultaneously measuring chest sounds, combined with processing algorithms, for features’ and patterns’ discovery, enabling the remote monitoring of the lungs. In order to reach that goal, the WELMO project develops:
• An adjustable, wearable and washable vest providing continuous monitoring of a large number of sensors, each one measuring various physiological signals. The vest will be comfortable and easy to put on by the patient and it will also require simple maintenance. The final product will provide an addition to current hospital-based assessment.
• A cloud based Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), providing statistical/intelligent analysis of patient conditions enhanced by multiple patients’ data fusion and discovery of patterns on the patients’ disease progress.
• Novel ASIC that will integrate EIT and sound measuring functionalities.


Project Acronym and Title: WELMO Wearable Electronics for Effective Lung Monitoring

Funding source: H2020

Grant Agreement Number or Funding reference: G.A. 825572

Owner/Project contact: EXODUS S.A.

Country: Greece

Address: 73-75 Mesogeion Av. & 1 Estias Str

Type of organisation: OTHER – EU funded project consortium