Water wise system

The Water Wise System is a software solution that gives the water utility the ability to read, store and process large volumes of data from the network and related systems to uncover new operational knowledge. It supports the transformation of a water distribution network into a water smart grid. It promotes an efficient and automated management of the water-energy nexus (can be used at more mature water utilities for dynamic pressure management, control water reservoirs and pump stations). Allows for the integration of real-time network control and water quality monitoring. Reduces time to solve and the financial impact of leaks, losses and bursts. Reduces fraud, non-revenue water and energy consumption. Leverage existing SCADA systems and new IoT devices delivering an intelligent single integrated 360 view and situation awareness of the water network. An inline hydro generator gives us the ability to locate sensors, instrumentation and control or IoT devices in any network location.


Project Acronym and Title: w2s-water wise system

Funding source: P2020

Grant Agreement Number or Funding reference: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017904

Owner/Project contact: Wakaru

Country: Portugal

Address: Rua Dr. Gomes Leal 3-A, 2560-331 Torres Vedras

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise