PLC + HMI + Input/Output embedded – TPAC1007

Based on an ARM9 architecture, the TPAC1007 is a PLC with human-machine interface device with 4.3″ touch-screen which integrates the QT graphics libraries. The operator panel with PLC can be supplied with horizontal or vertical monitor. “MECT SUITE” softwares are OpenSource.
On the PLC operator panel TPAC1007 there are input/output analog and digital: 4 Analog inputs, 2 Analog outputs, 4 PNP Digital inputs or 1 Bidirectional Encoder inputs and 8 PNP software configurable digital I/O. The PLC operator panel TPAC1007 is equipped Modbus RTU over RS485 , Modbus TCP and TCPRTU on Ethernet interface. The micro USB port is used as a host for datalogging and software update, or as a device for mass storage. On PLC operator panel TPAC1007 can be installed a micro SD memory card up to 64 GB, for programs and data.
sMily remote connection service is embedded. 24/7 machine management from everywhere, at anytime .


Country: Italy

Address: Via Enrico Fermi 57/59,  10091 Alpignano

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise