TESEO T-SCAN 540 – Automatic Temperature Scanner COVID-19

AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE SCANNER Covid-19: fast tracking workers access.
“Measure it more than once a day”: countermeasure for automated security procedures. TESEO T-SCAN 540 is an automatic temperature scanner for contactless temperature measurement.
Easily deployable (no-skills” set-up): factory, shopping center, operational sites, hospitals. The highest in the market: precision is a key to avoid false negatives or false positives.
Automatic measurement & fast track measurement in less than 3 seconds. Access control procedures: output switch can command opening of doors or inhibit the access.
Measurement results easy to monitor: visual by green-yellow-red traffic light & audio by a spoken message, smartphone app for access security team monitoring.
Embedded Bluetooth and WiFi. Configurable by anyone: 4 way dip-switch to select configuration.
Battery operated with standard USB charger (not included). Directly connectable to DC source from USB 5V to 12-24V industrial.


Country: Italy

Address: Corso Alexander Fleming, 27 , 10040 Druento

Type of organisation: LE – Large Enterprise