RF power meters, in the age of microwave IoT and 5G, are a key laboratory instrument for measuring the strength of radio frequency signals.
The TESEO SOPM306 is an innovative smart 3 channel Radio Frequency Power Meter, fitted with both fiber optic connection to PC which is immune to RF noise and a USB for a simple direct PC connection it is considered an extremely flexible laboratory measurment instrument with a wide-range application.
Supplied with a replaceable lithium battery recharged via USB port and with a user friendly software could be used as a stand-alone measuring device.
The communication over optic fibre and a rugged EMI shielded enclosure grants a high immunity to EM fields and makes it suitable to be used into harsh Electromagnetic environments, such as EMC test laboratories or highly electromagnetic polluted environments.

Owner: Teseo S.p.A.

Country: Italy

Address: Corso Alexander Fleming 27, 10040 Druento

Type of organisation: LE – Large Enterprise