StackerSAT is the satellite designed to work in multi-deep warehouses equipped with stacker crane at high intensity and large throughput.
This product is completely manufactured by using components from the best European brands.
The latest generation lithium batteries ensure continuous operation, guaranteeing multiple machines to work 24/7 with the same stacker crane. StackerSAT positioning can be determined using the internationally patented Datamatrix solution or with traditional technologies, such as encoders and photocells. It’s programmed to manage, even in the same channel, different stock keeping units (SKU) and loads of different sizes, without any cycle interruption. StackerSAT is able to work optimally with both LIFO (Last In First Out) and FIFO (First In First Out) logic. Eight drive wheels allow uniform traction and great stability, even during the transfer to the stacker crane cradle.

Owner: Eurofork S.p.A.

Country: Italy

Address: Via Roma, 93, 10060 Roletto

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise