Sustainable Multifunctional BiFace Sensor

Silicon Austria Labs present a sustainable, multifunctional biface sensor based on their Janus technology that optimizes performance and minimizes material consumption by double-side printing. The tag includes a printed antenna, passive NFC chip and printed environmental sensors for humidity, temperature and strain. The Janus sensor can be game-changer in the field of wireless, low-cost, electronics for ubiquitous sensing applications. Equipped with a food save EVA sealing its range of applications can be tremendously expanded to include harsh environments and condition monitoring in the food industry. It can be fitted with and extended by virtually any desired sensors at minimal additional costs, as digital additive manufacturing technologies do not require stencils or tools. Due to its low-cost, environmentally compatible materials and the absence of a battery, the Janus sensor ushers in a new era of sustainable electronic sensor systems.

Owner: Silicon Austria Labs

Country: Austria

Address: Euro­pa­straße 12, A-9524 Villach

Type of organisation: RTO – Research Technology Organisation