SMARTEdge4.0 is the ORCHESTRA edge component to connect any new and existing equipment, plants and sensors by reading their signals, parameters and messages over different protocols, digital interfaces and clean electric contacts. It provides the lower level for machines connectivity by on board processing of specific rules and algorithms able to filter, integrate and compute raw data transformation in trusted and ready to use information. This component may also transfer data, commands and programs toward the machine based on external triggers and events or by processing data directly on the edge to make active controls and activations either remotely or in proximity.

The SMARTEdge4.0 exchanges, on wired or wireless connection, data and information with the RETUNER SMARTHinge4.0 IIoT software platform installed on the shop floor server to further share them with the ICT systems of rest of the company organization.


Country: Italy

Address: Via Cardinal Massaia 83, 10147, Torino

Type of organisation: Start-Up