Smart Waste Bin

RM is the most advanced range of smart bins equipped with a patented and innovative, fast, precise and indestructible optical technology. RM can be installed on bins of various sizes, from 360 to 3200 litres, on collection bells and underground containers. The system of smart bins distributed throughout the territory is able to count, classify and quantify the waste deposited by each user in a safe and reliable way. The optical technology does not include any moving parts, is compact and durable, and is practically indestructible. Thanks to the use of light waves, there is no contact between the waste and the sensors: this completely avoids any wear, blockage and jamming. The user has no trouble using it because the deposit takes place naturally and without any further operations.

The RM smart bin has the appearance of a normal bin and the user has no trouble using it because the deposit is done according to the usual procedures: the lid is opened and the waste bag is deposited.

Owner: Adgenera Srl

Country: Italy

Address: Corso Unione Sovietica 612/3/d, 10135, Torino

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise