Punctual Waste Disposal Pricing (PWDP) system

The first IoT device waste bin upgrade for Smart Cities. In EU, every year we produce 2.5B tons of waste with a waste management revenue of 139B€ (source: Bloomberg annual waste management report). In a medium/large city with 1M of people, there are roughly 15k general waste bins.

Gathering and analyzing data of the waste disposal cycle management through a fully integrated IoT kit allows to:
– keep track of waste produced
pay the right waste-tax amount
optimize the track waste recovery
provide a weight waste prediction
– be a Smart Cities enabler with further sensors (e.g. air quality, noise pollution, etc). We are talking about tens of thousands of potential sensors for each city.

The PWDP kit is an upgrade for the already existing waste bins. It is based on four smart-wheels and a smart lock module connected together with mesh technology, therefore no cabling or custom bin.
In this way, the costs are one/two orders of magnitude less than a brand-new smart waste bin.

Owner: Erregi Elettronica Srl

Country: Italy

Address: Via Caluso 35, 10135 Mazzè

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise