PFTC: Pneumatic Flex Tool Control

PFTC is the objectifying system for pneumatic tools. This solution is retrofittable to any existing pneumatic tool in order to analyze functionality, usage, misfunctions using mathematical algorithm that compares curves of air pressure indicators. PFTC applications range from pneumatic clamping machine to riveting tools, wherever functionality and right tool operation has to be 100% guaranteed as per WCM requirements. The PFTC provides a worldclass objectivation grade tranforming pressure and flow of air into digital signals (actuation curve) and transmitted via CanBUS. Each curve is compared through matematical algoritm to the reference curve of the correct assembly operation, then a touchscreen display signals the outcome to the operator. PFTC can be used in a wide number of applications. It is ideal to be used by industry leaders willing to certify/ensure assembly lines in which pneumatic tools are deeply used. PFTC is a key partner for quality assurance of pneumatic operation.

Owner: Wiicom Srl

Country: Italy

Address: Via Arnaldo da Brescia 9, 10134 Torino

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise