METIS is a completely anonymous and wireless flow monitoring device that identifies passersby and vehicles and transmit this data via LoRaWAN or WIFI. It’s wide range, plug-and-play installation and reliability makes this solution suitable for both urban and industrial environments. It generates and sends reports containing unique identifiers of close mobile identities that respect personal privacy. It analyzes this data to extract information about occupancy, flow patterns, time/occupancy matrices, predictions and many other useful information that can’t be obtained via other occupation solutions to greatly improve mobility. We have developed the system on a modular approach which allows us to integrate it with different Smart City and industrial solutions. The device, has LPWAN capabilities, reducing deployment cost of the solution. Finally, the data generated by the device is used to produce reports of high added value which can be analysed by non-technical personnel.

Owner: Purple Blob S.L.

Country: Spain

Address: Altos Hornos de Bizkaia hiribidea 33, 48901 Barakaldo, Bizkaia

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise