Lilith is an automatic and autonomous intervention system in the event of violence against women, consisting of a smart garment, a body declined in several versions, equipped with textile sensors integrated into the fabric that acquire real-time data of a different nature: kinetic data (accelerations, displacements, body position, pressure exerted on some areas) and biometric (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and electrodermal activity). The signals, through a small electronic module integrated into the dress, are sent to a mobile app, which can be installed on common smartphones and tablets, where they are analyzed. In case of consistency with situations of violence, danger or malaise, the app activates an alarm by sending a message with the victim’s general information and geolocation. The system is also able to create a mesh network with compatible devices to ensure the forwarding of the alarm even in the event of malfunctions of the device that originates the alert.

Owner: HYPE S.r.l.

Country: Italy

Address: Via San Paolo 5, 10098 Rivoli

Type of organisation: Start-Up