Li-Fi Grathus®

The digitization of production lines requires new and flexible communication networks. However, wireless solutions have not yet met the requirements for real-time communication and data transmission is still cable based. Therefore, Fraunhofer IPMS has developed the Grathus®  system. It allows real-time wireless communication based on Fraunhofer IPMS Li-Fi technology. Due to the necessary line-of-sight connection, LiFi offers significantly higher data security than conventional wireless network accesses. The Grathus®  system combines the advantages of cable based communication infrastructure with the flexibility and low installation effort of wireless data transmission.

Key features:
Data rate: up to 1 Gbit/s
Full Duplex, Bidirectional
 Data transport Distance: up to 5 m
 Alignment: 10 cm spot in 5 m distance
 Point-to-Point communication
 Real-time compatible for Profinet, EtherCat, TSN-Ethernet, etc.
 Connectivity: RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
 66. 5 mm x 45 mm x 85 mm

Owner: Fraunhofer IPMS

Country: Germany

Address: Maria-Reiche-Straße 2

Type of organisation: RTO – Research Technology Organisation