I-MECH Sensor for Condition Based Monitoring

The I-MECH sensor is a wireless sensor Condition Based Monitoring (CBS) platform for Industry 4.0 high volume manufacturing processes. The production line ready solution developed is a smart, energy efficient, embedded system for improving manufacturing efficiency and the sensing capability will reduce the likelihood of failures in machinery (such as the particular pilot line use case- Linear Synchronous Motors –LSMs) and in a variety of industrial processes.

The technology has been developed to enable fault mode diagnostics and it supports continuous data capture allowing for enhanced prediction of potential failures with the potential to translate into quantifiable cost savings from increased yield and reduced manufacturing line downtime.

The I-MECH sensor platform enables low latency bi-directional communications and data processing and analytics on the edge for time critical applications. It measures luminescence, temperature, vibration and magnetic field strength.


Project Acronym and Title: I-MECH, Smart Mechatronic Solutions

Funding source: ECSEL

Grant Agreement Number or Funding reference:737453

Owner/Project contact:Tyndall National Institute

Country: Ireland

Address: University College Cork, Lee Maltings Complex Dyke Parade, T12 R5CP Cork

Type of organisation: RTO – Research Technology Organisation