GriPhi grippers

GriPhi grippers developed by PhiDrive are piezoelectric devices built upon a compliant mechanism. A wise use of FEM analysis stresses and combines the advantages of both technologies, pledging remarkable clamping force (≤4 N), opening resolution (≤100 nm) and stroke (≤0.7 mm), even in open loop applications. After all, PhiDrive aims to fulfil in an efficient way also the most tightening design constraints through accurate mechanical customization. Thus, GriPhi grippers have to be considered the optimal choice when dealing with handling and assembly of miniaturized components, even if they are extremely fragile, such as optical fibres, microlens and MEMS or SMD components. GriPhi can be either operated by an electronic OEM solution or a dedicated driver, the so called GriPhi Driver. The driver can be used in a stand-alone configuration thanks to its user-friendly interface or integrated within a client system through RS232 and I2C communication protocols and custom software integration.


Country: Italy

Address: Via Bolzano 1/E, 20871 Vimercate

Type of organisation: Innovative SME – Small and Medium Enterprise