Flexible blood bag

A product was created that allowed the following of the blood bag at all angles, from when the blood is taken to when it is transfused.
The concept behind the product is to detect and monitor the temperature, humidity and brightness of the blood bags in order to verify whether, during the entire supply chain, they have been kept to the correct standards or if there has been some anomalies (for example exposed to heat sources) that could lead to ruining the blood itself.
In addition, a flexible solution has been developed that allows the housing of the blood bag as well as the electronics and above all implements a safeguard for the blood bag from possible tampering.
Leather cases were created for the external casing, plastic houses that contained flexible electronics, metal bars that allow the transmission of heat and humidity and many other small devices.


Project Acronym and Title: SmartEES

Funding source: H2020

Grant Agreement Number or Funding reference: G.A. 761496

Owner/Project contact: IDEA SOC COOP

Country: Italy

Address: Via Luigi Albertini 36, C/O Gross – blocco I-12 Ancona

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise