FEID – Fog Enabled Intelligent Device

The FEID is a powerful toolkit that empowers small and medium customers to participate in Demand Response (DR) programs in an easy yet robust, secure, and efficient way. Equipped with embedded communication interfaces, either directly on the main unit or in the form of add-ons, it is able to communicate unobtrusively with most commonly used wired or wireless communication protocols on the field, including emerging ones like NB-IoT. To provide enhanced security the main board is also equipped with a TPM 2.0 chip that enables cryptography, whereas for smart meters that support it, encrypted data exchange is available, thus ensuring data integrity. Compliant with OpenADR, it also enables DR interoperability. Furthermore, the FEID has a cutting edge software arsenal that delivers consumption, generation, and flexibility forecasting and disaggregation, beyond monitoring and control of paired assets, making it the ideal solution for DR markets, Virtual Power Plants & Energy Communities.


Project Acronym and Title: DELTA – Future tamper-proof demand response framework through self-configured, self-optimized and collaborative virtual distributed energy nodes

Funding source: H2020

Grant Agreement Number or Funding reference: G.A. 773960

Owner/Project contact: CERTH Information Technologies Institute

Country: Greece

Address: 6th km Charilaou – Thermi Rd, 57001 Thessaloniki

Email: info@iti.gr

Type of organisation: RTO – Research Technology Organisation