FCS: Next generation mirror and die-attach for LED-assemblies

FCS (Floating Chip Solutions) technology provides an innovative solution for LED-assemblies to improve interconnect reliability and light quality over time. The patented technology is developed by Dutch startup company CATI.

A liquid metal with highly reflective properties is used both as die-attach and mirror material in LED packages, COBs, modules and COLs (luminaires). The liquid metal can be applied by printing or stamping for high volume production or integrated in additive manufacturing processes to utilise form freedom for interconnects and mirrors.

FCS was initially developed to solve discolouration of Ag mirrors, but it also proves to be a step change in WPE (Wall Plug Efficiency) for UV-C LED packages. Currently, the WPE of UV-C LED packages is approx. 10 %. The light output of a commercially available UV-C LED-package could be improved by 23 % using FCS instead of the original Au mirror and solder die-attach.


Project Acronym and Title: Low Temperature Bonding Solution

Funding source: Vroegefasefinanciering VFF

Grant Agreement Number or Funding reference: VFF16047

Owner/Project contact: CATI BV

Country: Netherlands

Address: Zuiddijk 9, 5705 CS Helmond

Type of organisation: Start-Up