ESMARTSHUTTLE is the ideal 4.0 solution for a high-density storage in automatic warehouses, where 24/7 elevated performances are needed.
This system, composed by a shuttle and a satellite, is completely manufactured by using components from the best European brands.
With its 5 GHz Wi-Fi communication and its extreme flexibility, ESMARTSHUTTLE can easily fit preexisting warehouses, with structural impediments or irregular layout.
With its internationally patented technology, ESMARTSHUTTLE is the only one that shows you in real time the absolute positioning of the machines as well as the loads into the warehouse.
ESMARTSHUTTLE system can be adapted to the needs of the warehouse and implemented as the company grows, while its precision and the WCS make it possible to have two ESMARTSHUTTLEs working in the same channel, both of them working with two satellites multiplying the performance of the warehouse and maximising the efficiency.

Owner: Eurofork S.p.A.

Country: Italy

Address: Via Roma, 93, 10060 Roletto

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise