Elaphe™ PCU – Multiple motor propulsion control

Elaphe multiple-motor propulsion control introduces advanced firmware and software solutions for multiple-motor direct-drive.

The PCU unit is the vehicle’s power brain. An ASIL-D capable ECU, designed for ISO 26262 and Safety-critical operation. The intelligent propulsion control is capable of controlling distributed powertrain systems using multiple traction controllers (motors) through its modular approach to control architecture, which is plug and play, customisable and designed to handle even the most demanding application thanks to the new Aurix family of tri-core CPUs.

The PCU is able to control several other electronic devices such as BMS, chargers, dashboards, cooling pumps, fans, contactors and relays, and handles advanced algorithms for regenerative braking, torque vectoring, heating and cooling, numerous safety measures, all depending on the vehicle’s requirements or purpose to achieve intelligent vehicle control with higher safety and more driving fun.

Owner: Elaphe Propulsion Technologies

Country: Slovenia

Address: Teslova 30, 1000 Ljubljana

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise