Ecolumiere are standard T8 tubes which replace T8 Neon tubes but also complete interior panels or industrial lighting. Ecolumiere is an international patented technology. Basic idea is that each tube/lamps has a local control unit (CPU), a local sensor and can communicate within other tube/lamps via light (proprietary protocol). Each light integrates it own software and can work independently but, thanks to integrated communication, customers can modify settings, receiving alerts or monitoring energy consumption. With T8 tubes, all of these without modifying lamp holder or cabling. Today we integrate lighiting sensor and each lamp adapt emission as per local setting, environmental light and network coordination. This is giving more than 40% energy saving against an uncontrolled LED light. In future, integration of seismic, pollution and several others MEMs sensors will create a pervasive sensor light network. Real sensors connected intelligent lighting devices!

Owner: Neodelis S.r.l.

Country: Italy

Address: Via Alfonso Lamarmora 16, 10136 Torino

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise