E-Sensor is not only a simple accelerometer. Eventhough it is based on a triaxial digital accelerometer has an internal processor which makes it a smart sensor (edge computing sensor) for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
The system is characterized by high reliability and velocity in collision detection or exceeding thersholds (less than < 1 ms) with improved capability and sensibility. Thanks to the wider dynamic range (now 110 dB) is possible, in the machine tools field, to measure unbalances of tools with a resolution of 0.01 mm/s.

Thanks to its graphic interface (industrial PLC) it is possible to constantly monitor the system remotely without any effort or problem. Multiple connections are available (Wifi, LAN or GPRS), multi-sensor solutions are available thanks to the Bus RS485 that gives the chances to have up to 32 sensor connected with a single cable in daisy chain, and much more.

Owner: Sequoia IT

Country: Italy

Address: Via Einaudi 25, 10024 Moncalieri

Type of organisation: SME – Small and Medium Enterprise