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Holst – TNO

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Research Organisation


The Netherlands



High Tech Campus 31, 5656 AE Eindhoven

About Holst – TNO:


TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) is one of the major contract research organisations in Europe. With a staff of approximately 3250 and an annual turnover of 564 million Euros, TNO is carrying out research in order to achieve impact on the following seven themes: Healthy Living, Industrial Innovation, Transport and Mobility, Energy, Built Environment, Information Society, and Defence, Safety and Security. TNO functions as an intermediary between basic research organisations and industry. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO contributes to the innovation capacity of businesses and government. TNO is involved in many international projects, including EU-funded collaborations.

Holst Centre/TNO (, set up in 2005 by the mother organisations (TNO and IMEC), is an independent shared-innovation R&D centre for Flexible Electronics and Sensor Technologies with around 200 full time researchers, as well as industrial residents from its partner companies. A key feature is its partnership model with industry and academia comprising more than 40 international companies.

Holst Centre/TNO has major activities in the areas of flexible OLEDs, photovoltaics, display technology and hybrid electronics. Its aim is to develop technologies and processes that will then be transferred to partner companies. This has already been done for the thin film top encapsulation process, developed at Holst Centre, for use in OLEDs on glass substrates.

Holst Centre has demonstrated sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-roll solution processed flexible OLEDs and PV with sizes from 1 cm2 to well over 400 cm2, world-first prototypes of flexible AM OLED displays, RF identification circuits and microprocessors on plastic using organic transistors.