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EUREKA Cluster




44, rue Cambronne, 75015 Paris



EUREKA Initiative for Packaging & Integration of µDevices & Smart Electronic Systems
EURIPIDES² is a EUREKA Cluster promoting the generation of innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Smart Electronic Systems.

EURIPIDES² operates in an open community of large industry, SMEs, universities, research institutes and user organisations, along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain. EURIPIDES² facilitates access to national funding in Europe and beyond. As a EUREKA Cluster, the network is open to participants worldwide.

EURIPIDES² covers the whole electronic systems integration value chain, from materials,

equipment and technologies, components and modules, up to embedded, enmeshed and implanted systems.

• Smart Electronic Systems
• Smart Systems Integration from components to systems: heterogeneous, physical and functional integration, consideration of thermal, mechanical, electrical, optical, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability characteristics, packaging and interconnection, testing, validation and industrialisation
• Integrated Micro- and Nano systems
• Industrialization and manufacturability of systems, integration of hardware, software and energy storage

Application areas:
• Transport & Mobility
• Electric mobility
• Autonomous transport
• Health & well-being
• Manufacturing / Factory Automation
• Digital industry
• Telecom and interconnection system
• Energy
• Aerospace
• Smart Systems for the Environment
• IoT
• Wearables