Joint Vision

5E underpin digitisation and supports specifically the European electronics industry in seizing opportunities by federating – not merging – the three European electronics ecosystems, namely Nanoelectronics (A1), Flexible, Organic & Printed Electronics (A2) and Electronic Smart Systems (A3).

Federation is being achieved by developing a Joint Vision based on the state of play and focusing on interfaces, as well as on opportunities for collaboration and cross-fertilisation. A technology and application meta-roadmap will be elaborated and implemented in the three electronics areas, in application sectors, in the areas of digitisation, as well as on the European and regional policy levels.


In a previous step, the 5E consortium analysed 13 application sectors that are key for the European Electronics industry: (Aero)Space, Building/Construction, Consumer Electronics, Digital Manufacturing, Energy, Environment, Food & Agriculture, IoT/Smart Connected Objects, Medical/Pharmaceutical/Life Science, Natural Resources, Packaging/Logistics, Safety/ Security, Transport/Mobility/Automotive. For each sector this analysis is structured along 6 functionalities – actuating, communicating, computing/processing,

energy harvesting/storage, sensing, signalling – and provides technologies and applications currently available in the 3 electronics areas defined above. The result of this analysis produced 11 Sectorial States of Play that provide an overall landscape description.

From this landscape description, the 5E partners selected 39 topics of mutual interest between at least 2 of the 3 electronics areas. These “Opportunities” are described in the dedicated catalogue.

In addition to a title that summarises the impact achieved by mastering the respective functionality in the respective sector, the one-page descriptions per Oppurtinity covers information on technologies, applications, challenges and opportunities.

In order to identify the most relevant opportunities we have involved more than 150 experts from the 3 electronic areas for the validation process. Through a series of activities – online surveys, workshops, community events – we have identified the 10 top opportunities.

Analysis Timeline

Next steps

Identification of Vision Papers for collaboration and cross-fertilisation between the three electronics areas, and based on this to define a Joint Vision and a Roadmap for the European Electronics Industry that will lead to:

  • widening the uptake & exploitation of key technologies across sectors and markets;
  • combining electronics technologies for Smarter Electronics Systems and new products;
  • truly benefit from hybrid integration based on joint development from components to systems by the three eco-systems;
  • identification of required actions, support and cooperation to meet the great challenges and timescales to reach the Vision.