5E @EuWoReL 2019 


EuWoRel 2019, the 7th European Expert Workshop on Reliability of Electronics and Smart Systems, organised by Fraunhofer ENAS, RISE and IMEC is part of the activities of EPoSS and its Key Technology Working Group.
The workshop took place in Berlin on 30 September and 1 October 2019, and gathered some 35 international experts from the Smart Systems reliability community.

The coordinator of the 5E project, Petra Weiler of VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH gave a presentation entitled “New Cooperation and Funding Opportunities: EU calls & CSA ‘5E“, with one part on funding opportunities for Smart Systems, and another part introducing the 5E project and invitating experts to contribute to the project, in particular to the joint vision of the three electronics areas.

The presentation included:
1) An introduction to 5E.
2) An overview of first results of the project, including results of the interface game, the sectorial states of play of 11 sectors and the 33 fact sheets on technologies, applications, challenges and opportunities that were developed by the partners on sector-functionalities combinations where 2 or more electronics areas are active.
3) An invitation to the upcoming vision workshops.

Additonally, an interactive exercise was organised in which participants stated where they see potential for synergies and where they have an interest in collaboration with other electronics areas. Furthermore, participants validated the titles of the 33 fact sheets, indicating which topics they consider hot and which one they see as cold.

Latest from 5E: