5E @MMS 2019


The 25th World Smart Systems & Micromachine Summit 2019 was organized by the Chinese delegation, led by MMS 2019 General Chair and Chief Delegate of China, Prof. Yuan Weizheng, who is Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Northwestern Polytechnical University. The summit took place in Xi’an, China, 6-10 May 2019. The thematic focus of MMS 2019 was on Intelligent Manufacturing: Start from micromachine on a chip, including micro/nano-scale energy harvesting and storage, biochips, optoelectronic devices, flexible electronics, advanced printing, etc. Other related applications and results from new and highly relevant R&D actions were also addressed by the speakers.
A total of 60 delegates of 18 delegations from Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia took place in the summit, and provided country and region reports on research activities, funding and cooperation opportunities in the field of Smart Systems, micromachines, MEMS and micro- and nano-electronics.

The programme of the summit included country and regions reviews by the chief delegates of the 18 delegations on key activities and opportunities as well as a broad variety of invited talks by further delegates.

The coordinator of the 5E project, Petra Weiler of VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, participated in the event as part of the delegation of the European Commission, which is led by Henri Rajbenbach of DG CNCT, Unit A3 “”Competitive Electronics Industry”. She represented the 5E project as well as EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration. Her presentation covered:

  • EU support for Smart Systems Integration in the current and future framework programmes Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe
  • The role that Smart Systems play as a Key Digital Technology
  • Opportunities for Smart Systems in Horizon Europe
  • Opportunities for international cooperation coordinated by the 5E project
  • New strategic developments in Smart Systems Integration under the umbrella of EPoSS

Further information on the event is available at http://www.mms2019.com/

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