3 European electronics ecosystems


The 5E project underpins digitisation and supports specifically the European electronics industry in seizing opportunities by federating – not merging – the 3 European electronics ecosystems, i.e. Nanoelectronics, Electronic Smart Systems, and Flexible and Wearable Electronics. Federation shall be achieved by developing a joint vision based on a thorough analysis of the state of play of the 3 ecosystems according to a standardised taxonomy, and focusing on the interfaces between the areas, as well as on opportunities for collaboration and cross-fertilisation. A technology and application meta-roadmap shall be elaborated and implemented at the levels of the 3 electronics ecosystems, the demand-side industries in application sectors, and the areas of digitisation, as well as on the European and regional policy levels.

Dedicated actions of 5E further reinforce collaboration and outreach of the electronics industry across Europe – in all relevant value chains, sectors, areas and target groups – and at the international level, establishing and reinforcing international cooperation.

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